Installation, 100 prints on fine art paper mounted on mdf plates.


Size: 1.5 m x 1.5 m


Gallerie Bernau, Bernau bei Berlin, Germany


Using archival photographs and sound as a memory device

Collaboration with sound artist SERGIO VALENCIA


The 'Bauhaus Memory Archive' is a collaborative exploration of the relationship and interconnections between memories and objects, and simultaneously, an attempt to visualize, and sonify the current era of Bauhaus in an almost sattiric contrast to the era of the Bauhaus of 1920s and 30s, as represented through the glorified objects and furnitures.


Using photography as an archival tool, I photograph one object each from the people connected to the corrent Bauhaus, bearing the condition that the object should have an emotional meaning to the person which they belong to.


This project is developed as a collaboration with sound artist Sergio Valencia, who extracts sonified noise of the image-data, thereby corrupting the original image, and forms an image-noise data-base, which he uses as a synthesiser to create a soundscape of the corrupted files.


The pictures displayed are the corrupted image files from the project.​

bernau layout.jpg