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Devadeep Gupta
B. 1989
Guwahati, Assam, India

My process develops as an investigation on regional ecological uncertainties by questioning associated mainstream perspectives. I explore nuances of the relationship between people and their land through performative actions inspired by site-specific, vernacular occurrences. Realised as film and sculpture, my practice lies in the intersectionality of conceptual and documentary. My interest and focus lie on narratives lying in the conjucture of mythology and contemporary. Pragmatic practices, oral traditions and folklore in the Assamese culture-scape remain close to my practice.

Performative processes inspired by vernacular, meta-cultural practices have remained central to the intellectual forms of my works. Stimulated via visual, conceptual provocations, I employ aspects of performative actions inspired by local community-led actions, to reflect environmental changes in specificity to the site. Everyday rituals that have evolved vernacularly as meta-cultural actions inspired the forms of my work. The outtakes of my process, realized as rhythmic sculptural forms are expressed through mediums of film, image and sculpture to illustrate these outcomes.

Apart from my personal art-making, I am a part of the artist collective - Northeast Lightbox, that facilitates exchange between regional archives and regional contemporary practices. We aim to engage regional archives as a medium for contemporary discourse. The collective aims to cultivate new audiences through exhibitions, workshops and residencies.

Currently based in Guwahati, India


2007 - 2011

Bachelor of Architecture, SMVDU Jammu, India

2017 - 2019

Master of Fine Arts, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany

Selected Exhibitions


Beyond Migration - Guwahati - Kolkata forum; Goethe Institute| Kolkata, India

Emami Art Experimental Film Festival; Emami Art | Kolkata, India
Things of State Unstable;
 Simultan Festival, Romania


Hong Kong International Photo Festival; Hong Kong
Fields of Vision | VAICA, India

Normalizing Disasters; Sudden Beams, United Kingdom

Ostrale Biennale for Contemporary Art, Dresden, Germany 



Chronicles of an Inferno; Egaro Photo Festival, Agartala, India

Climate, Changed; Nottingham Arts Mela, Nottingham, England

Ich sehe was Du nichst siehst! ; ACC Galerie, Weimar, Germany

MANIFESTO ; New Bauhaus Museum, Weimar, Germany

Imaginary Bauhaus Museum ; Schiller Museum, Weimar, Germany


Where Do You Go When You Leave ; Maati Centre, Guwahati, India

Kunst im Dialogue ; Stichting White Cube, Landshut, Germany


3rd Berliner Herbstsalon ; Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin, Germany

DISPLA(Y)CED ; Gallerie Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden, Germany

6ix ; Assam State Museum, Guwahati, India


Grants and Commissions




INLAKS Take off Grant, 2021

Bauhaus Annual Fine Arts Scholarship

Normalization of a Disaster, Video Work Commission, Abr Circle, Delhi, India



Northeast Lightbox Residency, Majuli, India

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